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As High As $300 for a Single Project

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My name is Adam Barma,
I’m the founder and Head of Growth at Websitesbyadam…
An Internet Marketing Agency that provides sales, Website Design and marketing services to her clients.
When I first started,
I was charging a lowly N10,000 per client.
That meant I would have to get 10 clients before I made just 100k Naira.
And 100 clients before I make just 1M Naira.
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You Too Can Start Collecting at least $300 Per Client, for A Single Project

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Imagine you land 3 clients at $300 per month
That means you get to pocket $900 per month (equivalent to N432,000 per month)
Or let’s say you land 2 clients at $300 each..
That’s $600 (N288,000) per month going straight into your pocket
Or just 1 client per month at $300, that’s still N144,000 per month, for doing less work than a first class graduate will do, seated in an office and collecting 100k salary (if he’s lucky to get a ‘good job’)
You will suddenly find yourself in a position most service providers can only dream of…
A situation whereby
  • You now work less and charge more
  • You can literally afford anything you want
  • You can now pay your bills and be free from any sort of debt
  • You now have a peace of mind and have no more financial worries.
Take for example


Lawal closed 2 clients from abroad this month alone, and made over N336,000
He’s only 19 years old, and he’s making more money than 80% of Nigerians
Using the same method you are about to learn today.
And the surprising thing is he’s not very experienced yet.
he only started late 2020.
Meaning that even if you are not experienced,
These methods will work for you and help you land high paying clients.
If you’d like to start landing clients that will pay you up to $300 – $600 for a single project
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The 2021 Website Design Bootcamp : How To Attract Clients That Easily Pay You as High as $300 – $600 for A Single Project

It’s a series of videos that will show you all you need to know and apply, if you want to start landing high paying clients.
From Learning How to design a website without writing a single line of code
To marketing your skill and landing clients that would pay you in $$$
Am not only teaching you website design but showing you how to get clients that pay in $$$ as well.
Value of what you would be getting
Website Design Lessons = N30,000
Marketing Your Gig = N15,000
Mentorship + Web Design Community = N10,000
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